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Gone Fishing. A lucky fisher caught three fishes. (via All Best Wallpapers)
Available in the following size: 1280×1024
Underwater Fishes. Beautiful yellow-black striped fishes underwater. (via Zastavki)
Available in the following size: 1024×768
The World of Jellyfishes. Awesomely colored jellyfishes in the underwater universe.
Available in the following sizes: 1680×10501600×12001440×9001280×8001152×8641024×768
Turtle Under the Sea. A clear shot of a turtle swimming beneath the sea and above the corals.
Available in the following size: 1024×768
Turtle and Fishes. Marine life is like a giant city where there’s not a moment you won’t be amazed by the complex interdependence of different sea creatures in the vast sea.
Available in the following sizes: 1280×8001440×9001680×10501920×1200
Mosaic Jellyfish. The mosaic jellyfish drifting and floating with two tiny fishes in the waters of Coral Sea in Australia.
Available in the following size: 1600×1200
White-Spotted Sea Squirts. Close-up shots of a colony of white-spotted sea squirts in Indonesian waters.
Available in the following size: 1280×1024
Tarpon and Silversides. Thousands of silversides circling around a giant Tarpon at Eden Rock, Grand Cayman.
Available in the following size: 1600×1200
Star Coral. Star corals from the Little Cayman Island.
Available in the following size:1280×1024
Anemonefish. An anemonefish, better known as the clownfish, hovering over its purple host near Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Available in the following sizes: 800×6001024×7681280×1024
Stripes. A black-white striped clown fish with yellow head and tail swimming across a variety of corals. (via Best-Wallpapers)
Available in the following size: 1600×1200,
Pink Jellyfish. Pink and blue transparent jellyfish drifting underwater, resembling that of a beautiful flower floating along with the wind.
Available in the following size: 1600×1200
Starfish. A red patterned starfish lying atop the seabed in Papua New Guinea. (via Ezzal)
Available in the following size: 1600×1200
Porcelain Crab. Porcelain Crab from the Maldive Islands.
Available in the following size: 1600×1200
The ‘Finding Nemo’ Clown Fish. This is probably the most famous type of clown fish among the twenty-seven species of clown fishes, as popularized by the Pixar film, ‘Finding Nemo’. (via Youwall)
Available in the following size: 1280×800
Golden-Orange Star Fish. The golden-orange star fish complements the sand-coloured coral in the background perfectly. (via WallPaperStop)
Available in the following sizes: 1024×768, 1280×800 (Widescreen)1280×9601280×10241440×900 (Widescreen)1600×12001680×1050 (Widescreen)
Metallic Fishes. A couple of silver metallic and scaly fishes making their way through the water.
Available in the following sizes: 1024×7681280×800 (Widescreen)1280×9601280×10241440×900 (Widescreen)1600×12001680×1050 (Widescreen)
Brightly-Colored Starfish. A great contrast between the brightly colored starfish above the plain green coral background. (via Screen Wallpaper)
Available in the following sizes: 320×240800×6001024×7681152×8641280×9601400×1050,1600×1200,
School of Fishes. Silver bodies of hundreds of fishes reflecting sunlight in the clear blue sea.
Available in the following sizes: 320×240800×6001024×7681152×8641280×9601400×1050,1600×1200
Stripes of Gold. A nicely taken, sharp and clear-shot of a Copper-band Butterflyfish in an aquarium. (via InterfaceLIF)
Available in the following sizes: 320×240 Cell320×480 iPhone480×272 PSP480×800640×480,640×960 iPhone 4800×480960×800960×8541024×6001024×7681024×1024 iPad1280×720,1280×8001280×9601280×10241366×7681400×10501440×9001600×9001600×1200,1680×10501920×1080 (1080p)1920×12002560×10242560×16002560×1440
Zillions of ‘Bigeye’ Fishes. Countless Priacanthus blochiis in the Seychelles, near the paradise island of Praslin. (via Rud-gr)
Available in the following sizes: 500×313640×4001024×6401600×1000
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