Que tal trocar o papel de parede do seu iPhone?

Na postagem de hoje, várias artes criativas para seu customizar ainda mais iPhone.
à esquerda está a imagem, e a direita a maneira como ela vai se ajustar a seus apps.

Fresh Touch – A set of high-definition wallpapers which will turn your iPhone into a garden shed.
Fresh Touch
Hanging – Let’s hang your iPhone apps out to dry with this funny iPhone wallpaper.
Doodle Jump – Feeling like going back to school? Get this ‘recycled paper’ wallpaper for your iPhone.
Doodle Jump
Pencils – Another back-to-school feel on your iPhone. Pencils anyone?
Fire And Metal – She may Set Fire to the Rain, but I’m setting fire to my iPhone with this cool wallpaper, complete with oil stains.
Fire And Metal
Liege – Notes anyone? This wallpaper turns some of your app icons into sticky notes, just don’t try to pull it out.
Kitsch – Picture perfect iPhone wallpaper for the ladies.
TRON – TRON adds the blue neon border to your app icons.
TRON – Light Bikes – Like TRON? Here’s another one with Light Bikes!
TRON - Light Bikes
Neon Arrows – It’s almost like a Live Wallpaper without the battery-draining bit.
Neon Arrows
Nano Tubes – This wallpaper invades your homescreen with microscopic tubes to house your app icons.
Nano Tubes
Pac-Man – It’s Pac-Man running around on your homescreen!
Donkey Kong – Remember Donkey Kong? Yes, now it can be a wallpaper for your iPhone. Sweet?
Donkey Kong
Super Mario Brothers – Half expecting to see Mario jump around in the screen anytime now.
Super Mario Brothers
Red Couch – Mood lighting and red leather couch, like ‘the stars’ green room.
Red Couch
Pirate – Rather than rum and beer on these shelves, they house apps instead. .
Wood Shelves – A sturdy wood shelf for ‘heavier’ apps. Get it?
Wood Shelves
Spargetts Shelves – If Plastic and Metal is too mainstream for you, why not go back to nature with some awesome wood work?
Spargetts Shelves
Splash – For the iPhone owners who want some colours in their devices and don’t mind a mess!
Shelf – Red too hot for you? Then go for this wintry white app-shelf wallpaper instead.

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